What I Look For In A Leader

I don’t like to get overly political. In the end, it alienates more people than brings us closer together. This is because so many different things influence politics and each of us has a unique perspective. The issues that I find important will very well differ from those that you find important. We may agree on a majority of issues but discussing one very divisive topic could erode the relationship. What does that accomplish? I would like to express a few points that I have recognized over the past week or so.

When it comes to Presidential elections, I never vote with concern to my money. Why? Because I don’t have any and the next President isn’t going to change that fact. I always vote based on how I feel the candidate will treat the people of this country. Will he/she treat them equally and try their best to think of as many perspectives as possible or will they only think of those like themselves? A great leader cannot only think about themselves and those like them when making decisions.

I personally also look at how they approach criticism. Do they blame others when criticized or do they own up to their position and give an explanation as to why the criticism is just and how they will change it or how they feel it might not be just but allows the other person to have their opinion. In so many words I look for a person who understands that others will not always agree with the decisions that they make but doesn’t see that as something to attack but rather as a way to see that perspective more clearly next time.

In my opinion a President must be an individual that I am proud to see on the world stage. A person that understands that we are but a player in the world, not the one who makes the rules. I love our country but also feel that at times we can act like petulant children. We are but a young country and have a lot to learn, especially in terms of diplomacy.

I look for a leader of people. A person who will bring the country together so that we can accomplish more together, not someone who will tear the country apart for the gain of a few. What good is having more money if we have disdain for almost everyone around us. Who cares if our 401K is performing better, if we constantly bicker and fight about insignificant issues because of this disdain and unhappiness? Some people do care more about money and their way of life and their issues than they do listening to others.

I choose to be more interested in the welfare of all our citizens, not just those who feel entitled. Most of the people who have this entitlement shout All Lives Matter but refuse to take one minute to recognize one segment of the population may need more attention than they do. I refuse to be that person. I refuse to let my sole happiness guide every decision that I make. My happiness is tied to the happiness of everyone in this country, in this world. By trying to bring down another to ensure my happiness, I am defeating the entire point. I have missed something and so have some of the leaders that I see on my ballot.

Most of the time my choice is not so clear. I am not a strict party voter. I see greatness in many men and women that have the credentials to be on the ballot. This election is just as easy for me as the last when I cast my vote. If I follow my values and my decision making process there is only one name on the ballot this November. The other name doesn’t even have the credentials and it is only by name calling, division, hate, and propaganda that they can even claim any at all.

The great thing about our country is that we all make decisions based on our perspective. We have that right. We can agree to disagree and still respect the opinion of another. It’s only when we refuse to extend this courtesy to another that the country has lost its way. Only when we try to shout louder than the person opposing us do we not truly understand the meaning of America. No matter how you choose to vote this November, I know that you are voting how you feel is best for you and the country. I will be doing the same.