Five Core Values

There has been a real struggle when writing this blog. I have found myself writing things that I have feared posting. I have filtered my thoughts and what I am sharing. They sit as drafts. The anxiety has caused me to question the reaction. Over analyzing has caused me to stray from one of my core values, to be honest and transparent. If I am to truly accomplish what I have set out to do with this blog, tear down the walls built by anxiety, I must find a way to overcome. Making my core values very clear will set the foundation and give me a checklist to reference when such questions arise. Looking through the lens of my core values is the answer.

My 5 Core Values

  • Be Honest and Transparent
  • Be Willing to Learn and Change
  • See Everyone as an Individual
  • Put My Wife and Children First
  • Choose Love Over Hate

Everyone has their own set of values. These happen to be the values that are most important to me. I believe that if I am able to look at the world through this lens, I can go to sleep each night with a sense of pride. This week I want to tackle each core value individually as well as share some challenges that I face with staying true to each. Some values are easier to maintain, while others present some significant challenges. Anxiety plays a huge role in the struggle, but can also be used in a way to stay true. That is the difference between living an anxiety controlled life and an Anxiety Driven Life.

I would love for you to join this conversation and think about your core values. What rubric do you use to grade the decisions that you make? Making decisions becomes much easier when your values are there to guide the way!