After the Storm

Recently, I was reading through a book I had picked up at the Dollar Tree a while back. It was a book called “Faith” and it was a collection of quotes dealing with the topic. I came across it while doing some cleaning and was drawn to pick it up. This was one of the quotes that stood out to me. It was not attributed to anyone, it was just there.

“The blue of heaven

is larger than the clouds,

reminding us to look for rainbows

after the storms.”

I have written before about the stages of grief and how I used them to rationalize my behavior after our move from Florida to Ohio in 2018 (My Struggle with the Five Stages of Grief). I think we can also use the stages of grief to describe what we all have been going through during this global pandemic. We are grieving the loss of our normal. Let’s go through those stages of grief and see if we can make a connection to our current situation.


We all have done our fair share of denying the situation. I know that I have. Whether that be because we have conflicting information, or we just don’t see people in our own circles affected, it is easy to deny not only the pandemic itself but the seriousness and with what level we should be reacting as a society.


As we come to terms with the fact that we are going to have to believe what is going on for nothing more than to understand what is happening around us, we start to feel anger. We start to feel anger about the things that we are losing such as personal connection or events we would like to attend, not to mention our safety and those around us. These are things that get us at our very core. That, of course, is going to breed some anger. Not to mention the fact that we all deal with things differently and when that occurs we tend to get very judgmental, mean, and angry.


I don’t think there are any of us that haven’t felt a little blue since this all began. Whether we are stuck at home or still going out to work while others are safely at home, there is a sadness that we all have felt dealing with this temporary normal.


I haven’t seen many examples of this step other than us trying to bargain with the acceptable behaviors for all of us to follow. Rationalizing certain businesses as “essential” when the world would be just fine if they would close for a while. I still don’t understand car dealerships being open but who am I?


Here is where I find myself now and where I believe the quote has helped me to arrive. Accepting that this too shall pass. Understanding that there are areas that we should gain a great amount of appreciation for after we come through this crisis. I am not saying that I know that I personally will come through it or anyone reading this will. I hope that is the case but what I mean is that as a society we should be stronger on the other side.

We need to get ready to see the rainbows after the storm. All of the things that are frustrating us now should be all the more special when we can do them in the future. The embraces we are missing now, the human contact, the events will get to attend should be that much better. There are some definite traps we will fall into when that day comes but for now, let’s focus on the rainbows!